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Residents Council

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Sanctuary’s Response to 4th March Meeting


This email was sent to every resident in response to our public meeting with Sanctuary Students management on 4th March. We have published it here for your convenience.

Thank you to everyone who was able to join Kris and myself at our recent meeting in the Common Room. As promised, below is a short update on the discussion points raised, and activity since the meeting.

I have arranged for a follow up meeting on Tuesday 28 April at 6pm where we can discuss this in more detail. As with the initial meeting, food and drinks will be available from 6pm.

 Key Issues Raised

• Comments, Feedback and Complaints

We always encourage you to share your comments, feedback or complaints directly with your site staff, based at our reception; so that they can be handled as soon as possible. The details of our policy can be found in your arrival handbook, at reception, on the notice board in reception, and on our web site

As an accredited and active member of the Assured Accommodation – National Code, we are also governed by their complaints procedure when necessary beyond our company procedures.

Visit to for more information about the Complaints procedure.

• Water Failure Issues

A review of the plant room infrastructure and systems is progressing. We are looking to mitigate the causes of the unplanned recent water outages. Based on your feedback we are also working on the concerns raised around the flow and pressure of water in the building.

• Pest Control Issues

The site activity with our contractor is continuing. We are monitoring the success of the various approaches and are reacting where necessary. Early indications are that this is progressing positively, but we will continue to closely monitor this, and to respond as advised by these professionals.

• Communication Approaches

Kris and Marjorie Duncan, your Accommodation Manager, have arranged monthly meetings with newly assigned contacts at SOAS. Both organisations will be sharing information, for the benefit of us all. An initial meeting has been held and dates are planned for regular on-going meetings. These meetings will explore some of the points raised, for example welfare training. Mental Health and First Aid Training have already been discussed and SOAS is currently looking into training opportunities.

We will look to arrange termly meetings with staff representatives on site.

• Circuit Laundry

Sanctuary Students have organised a meeting with this service provider, to explore the concerns raised in the meeting. An update will be available for the 28 April.

• Compensation Consideration

As promised, our senior management team considered the circumstances of the various requests raised at the meeting. By way of acknowledgement and recognition, Sanctuary Students are putting forward a fund of £1,500 for use in 2014/15, with a further fund of £1,500 for 2015/16. We would seek to administer the fund on your behalf, and support all practical initiatives that are lodged. This can be discussed further at the meeting on the 28 April.


Hopefully the update above shows that the meeting was mutually beneficial, creating an opportunity for resident issues to be raised and management actions to be applied and communicated. We welcome the opportunity to continue in this way in the future.

Alene Campbell, Director of Operational Services

Kris Liefeldt, Operations Manager, London

20 03 2015

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