Residents Council

Residents Council

Representing the residents of Dinwiddy House and Paul Robeson House

How to Make A Formal Complaint

To make a formal complaint, you need to write an email to the Dinwiddy House [] with the subject header ‘Formal Complaint’.

In the email, you should explain what it is that you’re unhappy with, why that means they are failing to provide a service you have paid for (use the Handbook for this), how this affects you, and then provide any particular reasons why you are entitled to compensation.

Issues you may choose to raise include: not attending to repairs within repair schedule times (more information below); not dealing with complaints seriously; lack of communication; cockroaches; mice; bullying; harassment; discrimination; accessibility issues; water shortages.

When raising issues about repairs, it is important to note that all emergency repairs should be fixed within 24 hours, all urgent repairs within 5 days and all non-urgent repairs within 28 days. If any repair has not been dealt with in this time frame you have a right to make a complaint.

Sanctuary Students is part of the National Code – Assured Accommodation. Their complaints procedure is set out by this code:


Managers will ensure that:

  • 9.0  A written log is kept of all complaints that they receive in respect of their accommodation covered by this Code, which is reviewed annually;
  • 9.1  Within 4 weeks of the receipt of any written complaint from a tenant (or their representative) they rectify any breach of this Code of Standards, or develop, and put in place, an action plan to address any wider issues that may have been raised;
  • 9.2  Where any allegations are contested, enter into correspondence with the tenants or their representative;
  • 9.3  Where such a breach is contested, or where rectification is not made in accordance with 9.0 above, they recognise the authority of a Tribunal which will determine whether or not a breach of the Code has occurred and make recommendations accordingly;
  • 9.4  In the event that such recommendations are not followed by the establishment then they will be deemed to be in breach of the Code and this fact will be
    made public to prospective tenants. The Tribunal will have the authority to exclude any establishment from the Code.