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Frequently Asked Questions – Before you move in…


Frequently asked questions about Dinwiddy House and Paul Robeson House.

Do I need to bring ____? (E.g. Plates, pans, bedding)

Often, there are items left in the kitchen from previous tenants, such as pots and pans, rice cookers and toasters. However, these are not officially provided by Sanctuary and there is no guarantee that they will be there. You can either bring your own things, or purchase some in London when you arrive. The things that Sanctuary do provide in the kitchen are:
2 x Electric cookers. (Each 4 x hobs and an oven. May or may not contain a grill)
1 x Kettle
1 x Microwave
2 x Under-counter fridges
1 x Under-counter freezer
In your bedroom, you should have
1 x Single bed (no bedding)
1 x Office chair
1 x WiFi router
1 x Bin
When you move in, you will get an inventory of items and furniture. If your kitchen does not have any of these items, write this on your inventory form and inform reception. You may need to ask several times to get the item that you’re missing.

Can I get things delivered before I move in?

As you do not have your room number until you move in, you cannot get things delivered to Dinwiddy or Paul Robeson before move-in day. Last year, some people did get things delivered anyway, with no room number on the address, but the storage space for packages is not very large, and move-in day is rather chaotic, so it may be difficult to get your package without a lot of hassle.
If you do wish to order something from Amazon, for exmaple, you can get it delivered to an Amazon Locker or Collect+ location nearby to Dinwiddy or Paul Robeson, and then go and pick it up when you arrive. Please note that Amazon Locker deliveries must be picked up within three working days and Collect+ deliveries within ten days. eBay offers a pick-up service from Argos stores.
Is there car parking available on move-in day?
The parking space space outside both halls is relatively limited. As a result, the parking area is very busy and Sanctuary may impose a time-limit on how long you can park. You may be able to find nearby street parking, which is normally free on Sundays but please remember to check the  signs to avoid any fines. The Students’ Union has volunteers who will be at the halls on move-in day who can help you unload your boxes and bags to speed the process along.

What communal facilities are there?

Both Dinwiddy and Paul Robeson Houses are set out in flats – there is a shared kitchen area between 5-7 people. There is a communal common room in both houses for use of all residents. This contains some tables, sofas and a TV with limited free-to-view channels and a DVD player.
After a request from the Residents’ Council, there is now a 24-hour laundry room. The cost in for 2015-16 is £3.20 for washing and £1.30 for drying.
When you move in, you will have to buy a laundry card for £3 from the front desk. You then go online to to activate the card. On the Circuit website, you can buy top-ups using PayPal. You will then be sent a top-up code via email and on the website. Go down to the laundry room, where there is a machine to activate that top-up code. You can then use your card in the machines. If you have any issues, call the phone number on the posters of the laundry room.

What is the procedure for repairs?

If you notice something that needs to be repaired, report it to reception. They will then classify by urgency – emergency repairs should be conducted within 24 hours and other repairs will be given a longer time frame. If your repair is not completed within this time, especially if it is a serious repair, follow it up at reception and contact the Residents’ Council at In the past year, Sanctuary have been poor at completing repairs in a timely fashion, but they assure us that they will improve.
You can ask for the maintenance to unblock your shower drain if the water is taking a long time to drain away.

What should I do if I see pests?

You may have heard reports of problems with pests at Dinwiddy House last year. Sanctuary have treated the building for insects and have two resident cas to deal with the rodents, so hopefully they will not be a problem this year. If you do see any pests, report it to reception immediately. It may be advisable to dispose of any food that the pests have come into contact with. If you feel the issue is not being addressed, follow it up at reception and contact the Residents’ Council at
Do we recycle?
Residents should find recycling bags in their kitchens where you can recycle most normal recyclable items. If you need to recycle any unusual items please contact reception.

How does receiving post work?

There is one letterbox per flat in the common room. Check it regularly and do let your flatmates know if they have something waiting in there! If there is something which does not belong to the current tenant, return it to reception.
When receiving post, you must make sure that it has your room number on:
Your name
[Your room number] Dinwiddy House
189-205 Pentonville Road
N1 9NF
When receiving a package, reception will collect and sign for it if necessary. Within 24 hours, usually in the evenings, the package will be logged to your name and a slip placed in your letterbox. You can then go and collect it with some form of identification.

What are Senior Residents?

Senior Residents are students on hand to help with any concerns outside of office hours and to assist with any problems you might have or advice you may need.


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