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Hot water outages at Paul Robeson

Matthew Bowden

Over the past two months there have been a number of hot water outages at Paul Robeson House.

The Residents’ Council believes that there have been at least 12 occasions when the hot water has gone off since the beginning of June when compensation for previous water supply issues was agreed between Sanctuary and the Residents’ Council.

Sanctuary believe they have now identified the cause of the outages and are repairing the boiler. In an email to residents, they said:

“Unfortunately, it has taken some time to identify the intermittent fault within the hot water system, and yesterday [6 August] the root of the problem was finally identified by the manufacturers of the heating unit, one of two units, that supply hot water to your block. A faulty component has been identified, but cannot be sourced locally, and must be shipped from America which could take up to 10 days to arrive. Given the potential for on-going disruption a quicker solution is to have the water heating unit entirely replaced by a local manufacturer. As a result we can be confident that the current issue will be rectified once and for all.”

“The replacement system has been ordered and work will commence on Monday 10 August, and in the interim the secondary water heating unit will continue to supply your hot water. We expect the work to be completed by Wednesday 12 August. During these 3 days of works we have been assured that the disruption to the hot water service will be kept to a minimum.”

As a ‘goodwill gesture’, Sanctuary has offered a £25 gift voucher to residents. The Residents’ Council and Students’ Union believe that this is not adequate and will be seeking full and fair compensation for residents for the inconvenience caused at a time of year, ahead of dissertation hand-in, which is particularly stressful and crucial to students’ success.

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