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Residents Council

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Sanctuary Cancel Open Meeting with Residents

In an email sent to all residents, Sanctuary Students have cancelled a meeting. The Residents’ Council have sent the following email.

Dear Dinwiddy House Management,

I would like to raise my concern at your withdrawal of the open meeting planned for Tuesday evening. At the forum on 4th March, one of the main points raised was the lack of open dialogue between residents and management, so at the end of the meeting, the residents requested another meeting before the start of the examination period, so this week was agreed by all parties and confirmed by management on 20th March.  To unilaterally cancel this meeting the day before it is due to happen is unacceptable.

We welcome the fact that the SOAS Students’ Union has been invited to the meeting on Wednesday morning, but this is not a replacement for an open forum where management and residents can freely discuss issues and solutions. If you truly wished residents to be “working so proactively with [you]”, then you would honour your agreement to meet with us.


Residents’ Council

This was in response to Sanctuary’s following email:

Dear Resident,

Thank you if you’ve got in touch with us recently about any issues you’re having. We’re really keen to hear from you about where we can improve, so we can put things right. To help us do that and at the request of students, we’ve arranged a meeting with representatives of SOAS Student Union and SOAS University, which will take place on Wednesday. After that, we’ll email you again to let you know what the agreed next steps are. This meeting will take the place of the open meeting which had been planned for Tuesday evening.

Once again, thank you to those of you who have contacted us recently and for working so proactively with us.

Kind regards,

Dinwiddy House Management

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