Residents Council

Residents Council

Representing the residents of Dinwiddy House and Paul Robeson House

Residents’ Council Meeting 23.03.15

Paul Robeson House

Issues Raised in the Meeting:

  • cleaners removing bags for recycling (e.g. IKEA bags)
  • extractor fans not working well, leading to mould
  • speed to fix things – oven not working, taps shut off from one sink, bin missing from bedroom
  • not removing old ovens swiftly
  • communication – tell us why you can’t fix things, give estimated times for repairs
  • lift in E block keeps breaking
  • E2B no lock
  • dead cockroaches not removed
  • security don’t look up when people enter/exit the building
  • contractors/other staff walking in without knocking
  • money missing after contractors have been in rooms
  • lost water three times in one week
  • cleaning times not regular, residents having to leave at inconvenient times
  • when residents leave, communication about whether someone new is moving in and when
  • use maintenance slips every time enter a resident‘s room
  • proper checking of fire alarms (whether they react to heat/smoke, not just whether they make noise)
  • communication with cleaners – say hi
  • cleaners blocking fire doors with vacuum cleaners
  • staff gossiping about residents (and their complaints)

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