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Sanctuary ‘make false claims’ over pest reports


The Residents’ Council has criticised Sanctuary Students over false claims made in a statement released to the media.

In Sanctuary’s comment to a number of media outlets, they say “Although there were a number of reports of pests earlier in the academic year, the site was treated and we are pleased to confirm that we have not had any students contact us to raise concerns recently.”

However, emails seen by the Residents’ Council show that residents have reported cockroaches at Dinwiddy House within the last week and that a pest control contractor conducted a gel treatment just two days prior to Sanctuary releasing this statement.

An email sent by Dinwiddy House’s management team on Friday 24th April states “Thank you for informing us of this siting [sic]. This siting has been noted and a member of our pest control team conducted a treatment on 22nd April.”

A further email reiterated “I can confirm that a pest control contractor was on site on 22/04/2015 conducting a gel treatment.”

A spokesperson for the Residents’ Council said “We’re disappointed that Sanctuary have resorted to making false claims to the media when they are clearly aware of¬†the¬†continued presence of pests on site. We hope they will take this opportunity to correct their public statements.”

“We welcome the fact that Sanctuary are now treating the pest problem but regret that this action was not taken when residents first reported cockroach infestations in September. Cockroaches have now been present at the accommodation for almost the entirety of the tenancy period and we believe this underscores our legitimate claim for fair compensation for residents.”

“This is why we are calling for greater accountability, meetings with residents involved and a review of internal procedures. If Sanctuary Students listened to their residents and took their concerns seriously they would not be making incorrect public statements.”

The picture above was taken by a Dinwiddy resident on Monday.

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